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ICEGRIPS® ice cleats are designed to reduce slips and falls outdoors in winter’s harshest environments. ICEGRIPS® fit conveniently over work shoes and boots and feature 36 aggressive hex-head screws that bite into ice and snow conditions. ICEGRIPS® ice cleats are designed to provide maximum traction far beyond that of normal shoes and boots and are Alaska Tested®

ICEGRIPS® ice cleats feature a patented Advanced Angle Tread® design. The angled grooves are flared toward the outer edge of the sole in order to facilitate the flow of contaminants away from ICEGRIPS®. The flared sole ensures that ICEGRIPS® remain free of dangerous contaminant buildup.

ICEGRIPS® 36 hex-head screws are easily replaceable once they are worn out. This ensures that each pair of ICEGRIPS® ice cleats will last through several winter seasons. Principle to ICEGRIPS® is it’s ability to be put on and off with ease through the use of hook and loop fastening straps. For supreme securement on the foot, ICEGRIPS® ice cleats features the exclusive patented tri-lateral toe strap and exclusive patented heel lock system. ICEGRIPS® come in industrial black and are available in sizes ranging from M-XXL to fit over even the biggest winter boots.

ICEGRIPS® provide excellent traction outdoors in ice, snow, slush and winter’s worst conditions.

Model                Fits Men's            Fits Women's

JD3472-M           6-9                        7-10

JD3472-L            9.5-11.5                10.5-12.5 - SOLD OUT

JD3472-XL        12-13.5                   13+

JD3472-XXL      14-15.5                   ----